Pan-Continental and Pan-Regional Song Contests

List of pan-continental song contests

  • Eurovision Song Contest (Europe)
  • Asiavision Song Contest (Asia and Oceania)
  • Afrovision Song Contest (Africa)
  • Amerivision Song Contest (Southern and Central America)
  • Caribvision Song Contest (Caribbean)
  • Uscavision Song Contest (Northern America)


  • Amerivision Song Contest (formerly OTI Festival) is intended for Southern and Central America countries regardless national languages, but the official language is Spanish.
  • Uscavision Song Contest is the song contest which only consists two countries, but the participants are states (for USA) and provinces (for Canada). Uscavision Song Contest, or USC is unique because the participants are provinces and states (in case of USA), unlike most pan-continental song contests which participants are countries. USC’s uniqueness is because USA and Canada are countries with very large area and have several provinces and states (for USA).

List of pan-regional song contests


  • Romanovision Song Contest
  • Gerovision Song Contest
  • Nordvision Song Contest
  • Slavovision Song Contest
  • Uralvision Song Contest


  • Orivision Song Contest
  • Indivision Song Contest
  • Asevision Song Contest
  • Nomavision Song Contest


  • Northern Africa Song Contest
  • Eastern Africa Song Contest
  • Central Africa Song Contest
  • Southern Africa Song Contest
  • Western Africa Song Contest


  • Turkvision Song Contest
  • Menavision Song Contest
  • Anglovision Song Contest
  • Gallovision Song Contest
  • Hispanovision Song Contest
  • Lusovision Song Contest

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